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Have you been working on the Russian market for a long time and are looking for a contractor providing complete accounting and legal services for foreign companies? Or are you just going to establish a foreign representative office / branch or subsidiary in Russia and selecting reliable partners able to provide a range of services in outsourcing?

We dare to hope that our knowledge, experience and approach are exactly what you need.

For more than 15 years we have been servicing foreign companies in Russia and providing a wide range of services for foreign representative offices / branches and subsidiaries: complete accounting services, payment of salaries and HR administration services as well as legal and migration services.

Our customers appreciate us as we are helping to adapt the working process of foreign companies to Russian nationally biased issues, organize and fine-tune many business processes in the context of the most important aspects and accompany a foreign company as a reliable partner for a long time.

What we can offer

Below please find a list of services offered by our company for foreign business support in Russia. Call us, and our specialists will consult you and offer the correct solution.

Accounting service
  • Establishment/liquidation of
  • Accounting service
  • Legal support of business
  • Services for foreign employees
  • Consulting
  • You may need

Registration of a foreign subsidiary – starting from 30 thousand rubles

We offer several ways of subsidiary’s registration in Russia, including registration with no participation of the parent company’s Director in this process. You can find out more about the stages of registration, timing and cost of the various options on our website.

If you have not yet decided on the organizational and legal form of your company or you wish to know the taxes payable in Russia by foreign subsidiaries – this information is for you.

Accreditation of a foreign representative office/branch – starting from 70 thousand rubles

You can find information on this issue and other benefits of the accreditation of a foreign representative office or branch with the help of our lawyers in the special section.

If you have not yet decided on the organizational and legal form of your company or you want to know the taxes payable in Russia by foreign representative offices and branches - this information is for you.

Liquidation of foreign companies – starting from 50 thousand rubles

If you terminate your business in the territory of the Russian Federation, we will help you to comply with all procedures required for the liquidation of a company. With our assistance you can be sure that all the obligations before the Russian regulatory authorities will be fully implemented, and no claims will follow afterwards.

Complete accounting service

One of the key advantages of our company is a high quality service at reasonable prices. The cost of accounting services is fixed in rubles allowing our clients-foreign companies not to depend on any currency fluctuations whatsoever.

We can offer you English-speaking accountants and tax experts, as well as a personal assistant who will always be in touch with you and is ready to resolve any issues related to the service of your company.

Accounting database backup is arranged on a daily basis, ensuring data integrity even in the event of a force majeure event.

We bear financial responsibility for the quality of our work within 3 years after the date of reporting (even in case of termination of the Agreement).

These and other benefits have already been appraised by hundreds of foreign companies, operating in Russia.

We will be glad to have you as our customer!

Payroll and HR administration

If you value the reputation of a good employer and pay a particular attention to mutual settlements with your employees, the transfer of payroll for outsourcing can be a great solution. We guarantee the accuracy and timeliness of payments, lack of underpayments/overpayments to staff and absence of claims by state regulatory authorities.

Our accountants use universal and universally recognized software for a payroll that allows you to be served by our company without additional costs and have full control over the quality of our work.

By the way, if at the moment you doubt as to the correctness of the payroll of your employees, we are ready to conduct a free payroll audit for any quarter. As a result of such audit you will be able not only to promptly remedy the situation, but also to decide on the transition to outsourcing way of cooperation, having the specific facts and figures.

Legalization of foreign employees in the Russian Federation

Foreign companies operating in Russia are required to comply with the standards of the Russian laws in respect of its employees - non-residents of the Russian Federation. We will help you to complete quickly and efficiently all the documents needed your employees to obtain a Russian labor permit.

Also at our website you can find overall information on taxes held from foreign employees in Russia.

3-PIT for foreigners

If you are a foreigner, and besides official salary (being withheld from all necessary taxes by your company), you receive other income in the Russian Federation, we will be glad to help you with registration of a tax return according to 3-PIT form.

In addition, we are always happy to advise you on tax deductions, which allow foreign citizens - Russian tax residents to reduce their tax amount.

HR audit

Each HR-director wants to be sure that his company's paperwork and procedures related to HR management meet the requirements of the Russian laws and regulatory authorities. Often even a random inspection of several employees allows detecting the system errors and breaches of law.

As part of HR audit, we conduct a thorough analysis of HR documentation, assess the completeness and correctness of paperwork, check the compliance of the local acts approval order and provide expert advice and support at all stages of testing.

Improving the efficiency of the accounting service

We believe that accounting system should be subject to business objectives and accounting functions should be the result of the business processes inherent to a particular company.

Unfortunately, the staff accountant service often builds up its work for its own convenience, rather than for business. No wonder that accounting service maintenance costs may not be comparable with the benefits that it brings to the company.

Tax consulting

Our tax consultants are always ready to advise you on the use of the Russian tax laws (especially in questionable and disputable situations), and to help you to identify the legal provisions for tax savings (with documentary and economic justification) and to develop and implement the respective integrated tax planning projects.

Customs matters solution

Competent clearance of goods crossing the Russian border is of particular importance for the foreign companies.

We are always ready to advise you on delicate issues associated with the use of the Russian customs laws, and to assist with customs clearance as well as to protect your interests in customs authorities and to dispute the unlawful decisions obstructing your business.

Management Company Services (alternative to General Director)

The question on CEO usually arises when establishing a company in Russia. According to the Russian laws, the sole executive body function may be accredited to a management company.

Our clients

  • All countries
  • Austria
  • Belarus
  • Brazil
  • China
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Poland
  • Singapore
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom
  • USA

Foreign business associations

We are the members of the largest international associations and chambers of commerce operating in the territory of Russia. This allows us to be familiar with major economic and legislative trends, and to understand better the specific features of foreign business in Russia and to enhance our approach to the services provided to foreign customers.

  • Membership in the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia
  • Membership in the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce
  • Membership in the Association of European Businesses
  • Partnership with the China Council for International Trade

Our team

within the framework of the Accounting Services Projects

More than 300 experts work for our customers.
Services to foreign companies are provided by English-speaking professionals having many years of experience in management reporting preparation in English and its subsequent submission to financial supervisors of parent companies

Key personnel
  • Key
  • Chief
  • Tax
  • Auditors
  • Personal
  • The secret
Alyona Bochenkova

Alyona Bochenkova

Director of the Department of Accounting Services

Certified auditor (since 2000); lawyer.

She has been working as a chief accountant and Chief Financial Officer in Russian and foreign companies for over 15 years.

Olga Rulkova

Olga Rulkova

Partner Audit, Accounting Services, Tax Law, Consulting Service

Certified auditor (since 2007)

Certified tax consultant (since 2008)

Alexander Rulkov

Alexander Rulkov

Managing Director, Partner

Certified auditor (since 2007)

Certified tax consultant (since 2008)

How can we be of service?

  • ensure accurate and timely financial and tax reporting to the authorities.
  • adjust tax statements to match the accounting, so as to avoid any questions and suspicions of the Russian tax authorities.
  • discuss with you the tax burden for the current period, so you can set aside the appropriate amount.
  • verify if your tax burden corresponds to industry norms, in order to avoid queries by the tax authorities.
  • correctly calculate payroll and transfer the funds to your employees, taking into account sick pay / vacation allowance / travel allowance / maternity benefits, etc.
  • correctly calculate the payroll taxes.
  • put together reports and file them with the PFRF and SIF.
  • minimize your risks in case if your company pays salaries close to the legal minimum.

In minimizing your tax risks, developing tax optimization methods tailor-made for your company, or simply advising you on complex tax issues, we will definitely involve tax lawyers. It is very important to understand how this or that decision relates to existing judicial practice, and if we can protect you in the event of tax disputes.

How can we be of service?

  • consult you on accounting and taxation even before the agreement on the accounting service is concluded; they will study your business and suggest the optimum format of working together.
  • in the course of our business relationship, they will answer any of your questions on accounting and taxes, advising on the maintenance and restoration of adequate accounting records, building an effective accounting service, tax accounting, tax planning and tax optimization.
  • adapt your accounting and tax accounting to new circumstances (expansion, consolidation, new types of activity).
  • facilitate a dialogue with other divisions of WiseAdvice Group for solving other problems that may be equally important for your business.

How can we be of service?

To err is human. However, accountant errors can be too expensive both for us and for our customers.

In order to tighten quality control, we have established an internal audit service. Our auditors advise accountants in their daily work and periodic reporting and also thoroughly check the work that they submit to state bodies.

Moreover, our methodological experts help to continually refine and upgrade our 1C information system, so that we can minimize the "human factor" while serving your company.

Today, for example, we store in our database complete and well-structured information on the financial and tax accounting of each company. At any time, we can thus replace absent accountants by others without compromising on quality and speed.

How can we be of service?

Given that you are served not by one accountant, but by a whole team of specialists, we have facilitated the process of communicating with us under the "one window" principle.

A personal assistant assigned to you will solve all organizational issues, both before and during our business relationship. In particular, he or she will:

  • record all your queries in our database, so as to remind our employees about them;
  • control the timely execution of your orders;
  • organize your meetings with experts in the field of accounting, taxation, etc.;
  • oversee the document flow between your company and WiseAdvice.

In other words, all communication with our company is through a personal assistant, who is always free for you. Please, call, write, contact us at any time – we will certainly listen and help you!

We are able to communicate in English, both verbally and in writing.

We have purposely avoided listing our experts by name and thus, drawing your attention to them. After all, their availability is one of our advantages.

We show great respect in dealing with our clients' source documents. Since we get thousands of documents per month, our task is to make sure that none of them is lost.

As soon as the documents arrive in our office, our experts immediately go into action: they scan them and attach them to the 1C system in a digitised format. Paper originals are archived and transferred to storage. Thus, your documents are not passed around by way of cabinets and accountants' tables; instead, they are promptly processed, without leaving one room.

Thanks to the accurate work of clerks, scanning assistants and 1C data entry operatives, you can not only be confident in the safety of your documents, but also at any time receive any digital copy from the 1C database, just by pressing a button. (Please note that in the course of tax audits, legal disputes, etc., originals are usually not required. Printed copies are enough.)

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