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We adore our Clients. We are proud of being their Service Provider. Moreover, we do our best to make our collaboration mutually beneficial.

Hundreds of entrepreneurs visit our website daily. We believe that this resource can become a good platform for our Clients with the chance of introducing themselves and their business. To make this happen, we created a special Section where we are going to share success stories of our Clients. We are sure that this opportunity will help our Clients extend the list of business partners and customers.

  • Mikhail Gagarin, the General Director of «Wai Mao»:

    Mikhail Gagarin, the General Director of «Wai Mao»: about peculiarities of doing business in China

    “Once upon a time there lived a Chinese student. One day he set off on his journey to take the imperial exam. When travelling he got seriously ill,” the General Director of “Wai Mao” Mikhail Gagarin says, “The monk, who the young man met on his way, gave him some healing tea which cured the disease.

  • Maria Komarova, the Head of Representative Office Aumüller Aumatic GmbH in Russia:

    How to breathe fresh air without leaving the office, and why natural things are always better than artificial ones

    Maria Komarova was born and brought up in Vologda, and after having graduated from a pedagogical institute moved to Cherepovets. Beyond teaching English and German at the local University, Maria made an impressive administrative career. It took her nine years to become the Head of Academic Department of her University.

  • Viktor Vasiliev, the general director of Ltd «Henco Rus»:

    About Fire, Water, and Non-brass pipes…

    Russian people have long been famous for their genuinely creative thinking, which often strikes conservative Europeans. For example, in this video posted on YouTube, Russian plumbers decided to check the heat resistance of water pipes by rather extreme methods. They kept the pipes by different brands in boiling water, subjected them to excessive pressure and even melted them using an industrial dryer. Not every test sample could come out «dry out of the water». But there was one brand which managed to prove that its non-brass pipes are not afraid of water, neither are they scared of fire.

  • Wolfgang Gruschwitz, the owner of an international architecture and design bureau Gruschwitz GmbH:

    Every two-three years I start something new even if everything is going well

    Wolfgang Gruschwitz, an architect from Munich, has been creating conceptual retail design for many iconic European brands for about 15 years. His company works on projects for Mango, Massimo Dutti, Zara, Reiss, Uniqlo, H&M and others in Russia and abroad.

  • Almir Ribeiro Américo, Head of Moscow Representative Office of Apex-Brasil:

    About Brazilian Football, Aircraft Engineering, The Olympics in Rio and Mutual Affection between Russia and Brazil

    It started snowing in Moscow. We are walking carefully towards ‘Smolensky Passage’. The doors of the shopping mall are welcoming us with the glamour of its luxurious boutiques. Overcoming the temptation, we head further to the Business Centre. However, even the most sophisticated shopping can’t be compared to visiting Brazil. Mr. Almir Ribeiro Americo, the Head of Moscow Representative Office, kindly invited us to Apex-Brasil, the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency.

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