Accounting Outsourcing services in Russia

Have you been working on the Russian market for a long time and decided to change your accounting outsourcing firm, which for some reason does not meet your needs? Or are you just planning to set up a representative office / branch in Russia and need to choose a reliable partner?

For more than 10 years, we have been providing services to foreign companies; we are tempted to think that our knowledge, experience and approach to business are exactly what you need.

Our clients appreciate that we are not just limited to the accounting function, but first and foremost help them adapt their business to the Russian reality: to organize and adjust business processes with due attention to financial, accounting and tax aspects.

In a personal meeting, we will attempt to convey our competence and, prior to entering into a contract, make our acquaintance both enjoyable and useful for your business.

Special conditions for companies-members of the Russian-German Chamber of Foreign Trade (AHK), Association of European Businesses (AEB) and American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham).

3 good reasons

to call and to get to know us
  • 1

    We will estimate

    the current state of your company accounts: we will draw your attention to financial and tax risks that may have gone unnoticed.

  • 2

    We will delve into

    the issues and delicate circumstances that you are already facing; we will help you get out of trouble.

  • 3

    We will advise

    how best to organize the work process and interaction with the accounting outsourcing company in Russia, not only regarding accountancy, but also regarding payments to and from employees, customers and contractor.

A few words about us...

  • Scale
  • Rankings
  • Certificates
  • As well as...
  • The WiseAdvice consulting group provides more than 50 kinds of business services (from Legal to IT).
  • The Group employs more than 300 staff.
  • Clients of the WiseAdvice group of companies include over 5,000 Russian and foreign companies active in a variety of sectors.
  • We are among the 40 largest consulting companies in Russia.
  • We rank 5th amongst accounting outsourcing firms.
  • We occupy 6th place in the category "Outsourcing of accounting and tax accounting"
  • We are a certified partner of 1C under the project "1C: Rent." All the necessary licenses (both for application solutions and client-server) are officially acquired by us, and they entitle us to provide the software to third parties.
  • We are a certified partner of Microsoft. The Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) enables us to formally provide Microsoft products to customers.
  • The international certificate ISO/IEC 27001:2013 confirms that our company meets high standards for information security.
  • Membership in the Moscow Audit Chamber
    Membership in the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce
    Membership in the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia
  • Membership in the Chamber of Tax Advisors
    Membership in the Association of European Businesses
  • We are residents in The Skolkovo Innovation Centre

258 …and about our customers

Why is it such a pleasure to work with us?

1. A two-level quality control

We have invested more than $100,000 in improving our 1C products. Together with the best methodological experts in accounting, we have developed a system of automated control that reduces the human risk factor to a minimum.

The program rigidly controls the consistency and correctness of the accounting process. And the intellectual part of accountant’s work is controlled by our internal auditors: they advise accountants in their reporting and carefully check quality at the time of submission to state bodies.

Such two-way control – software, on one hand, and intellectual on the other – enables us to provide our customers with accounting services of the highest professional level.

2. Automated document flow

You can send us documents in both electronic and paper-based form (in the latter case, we take care of delivery at our own expense).

We scan paper documents and then attach them electronically to the 1C accounting database, thereby forming a systematic electronic archive.

By means of remote access, you can see how documents are recorded, and use them at any time.

3. Convenient service

We take charge of all collaboration issues. We do our best not to bother you for trivial matters. At the same time, we are always in touch when you need us.

4. Unlimited counseling

Our main asset is people. We have spent years developing a team of specialists whom we are proud of. Now you can use the professional support of our experts, totally free of charge.

Free verbal advice on accounting and tax accounting is available to our customers on an unrestricted basis.

5. English-language management accounting

We know that you need to regularly report to the parent company in a clearly outlined manner, that the timeliness and accuracy of this report are extremely important, that it is crucial to your reputation.

We are happy to prepare this report for you and can give a reasoned defense in the English language, communicating directly with the financial controller of your parent company.

6. Particular attention to taxes

Nobody wishes to get into trouble with the tax authorities; but neither would you want to pay too much.

We pay serious attention to the tax safety of our clients and control their tax risks. At the same time, we try to optimize their current tax burden if the Russian legislation allows it. In our experience, this is possible in any case.

Become our client, and we will get your tax records in perfect order.

7. Wide range of services

Where required, our accounting customers request other professional services. Once you have chosen us as your partner, you no longer need to look for other suppliers. You get everything in one place, at an attractive price and with an extraordinary level of service.

Also we have a totally amazing team

In being served by our company, you get more than just an accountant...
At your service is a whole team of professionals who will do everything in their power to ensure value and convenience.
Unfortunately, we cannot introduce you to all our staff in this section; that would be impossible, as there are more than a hundred of them. But we will introduce you to the very best.

Chief accountants
  • Key
  • Chief
  • Tax
  • Auditors
  • Personal
  • The secret
Alyona Bochenkova

Alyona Bochenkova

Director of the Department of Accounting Services

Certified auditor (since 2000); lawyer.

She has been working as a chief accountant and Chief Financial Officer in Russian and foreign companies for over 15 years.

Olga Rulkova

Olga Rulkova

Partner Audit, Accounting Services, Tax Law, Consulting Service

Certified auditor (since 2007)

Certified tax consultant (since 2008)

Alexander Rulkov

Alexander Rulkov

Managing Director, Partner

Certified auditor (since 2007)

Certified tax consultant (since 2008)

Shcherbinina Anastasia

Shcherbinina Anastasia

Project Manager on Accounting Outsourcing

Certified accountant (since 2012)

She worked as a chief accountant in a large trading company for over 5 years.

Share of various professionals
in our service to you

How can we be of service?

  • ensure accurate and timely financial and tax reporting to the authorities.
  • adjust tax statements to match the accounting, so as to avoid any questions and suspicions of the Russian tax authorities.
  • discuss with you the tax burden for the current period, so you can set aside the appropriate amount.
  • verify if your tax burden corresponds to industry norms, in order to avoid queries by the tax authorities.
  • correctly calculate payroll and transfer the funds to your employees, taking into account sick pay / vacation allowance / travel allowance / maternity benefits, etc.
  • correctly calculate the payroll taxes.
  • put together reports and file them with the PFRF and SIF.
  • minimize your risks in case if your company pays salaries close to the legal minimum.
Share of various professionals
in our service to you

In minimizing your tax risks, developing tax optimization methods tailor-made for your company, or simply advising you on complex tax issues, we will definitely involve tax lawyers. It is very important to understand how this or that decision relates to existing judicial practice, and if we can protect you in the event of tax disputes.

How can we be of service?

  • consult you on accounting and taxation even before the agreement on the accounting service is concluded; they will study your business and suggest the optimum format of working together.
  • in the course of our business relationship, they will answer any of your questions on accounting and taxes, advising on the maintenance and restoration of adequate accounting records, building an effective accounting service, tax accounting, tax planning and tax optimization.
  • adapt your accounting and tax accounting to new circumstances (expansion, consolidation, new types of activity).
  • facilitate a dialogue with other divisions of WiseAdvice Group for solving other problems that may be equally important for your business.
Share of various professionals
in our service to you

How can we be of service?

To err is human. However, accountant errors can be too expensive both for us and for our customers.

In order to tighten quality control, we have established an internal audit service. Our auditors advise accountants in their daily work and periodic reporting and also thoroughly check the work that they submit to state bodies.

Moreover, our methodological experts help to continually refine and upgrade our 1C information system, so that we can minimize the "human factor" while serving your company.

Today, for example, we store in our database complete and well-structured information on the financial and tax accounting of each company. At any time, we can thus replace absent accountants by others without compromising on quality and speed.

Share of various professionals
in our service to you

How can we be of service?

Given that you are served not by one accountant, but by a whole team of specialists, we have facilitated the process of communicating with us under the "one window" principle.

A personal assistant assigned to you will solve all organizational issues, both before and during our business relationship. In particular, he or she will:

  • record all your queries in our database, so as to remind our employees about them;
  • control the timely execution of your orders;
  • organize your meetings with experts in the field of accounting, taxation, etc.;
  • oversee the document flow between your company and WiseAdvice.

In other words, all communication with our company is through a personal assistant, who is always free for you. Please, call, write, contact us at any time – we will certainly listen and help you!

We are able to communicate in English, both verbally and in writing.

Share of various professionals
in our service to you

We have purposely avoided listing our experts by name and thus, drawing your attention to them. After all, their availability is one of our advantages.

We show great respect in dealing with our clients' source documents. Since we get thousands of documents per month, our task is to make sure that none of them is lost.

As soon as the documents arrive in our office, our experts immediately go into action: they scan them and attach them to the 1C system in a digitised format. Paper originals are archived and transferred to storage. Thus, your documents are not passed around by way of cabinets and accountants' tables; instead, they are promptly processed, without leaving one room.

Thanks to the accurate work of clerks, scanning assistants and 1C data entry operatives, you can not only be confident in the safety of your documents, but also at any time receive any digital copy from the 1C database, just by pressing a button. (Please note that in the course of tax audits, legal disputes, etc., originals are usually not required. Printed copies are enough.)

What is included in the price?

Monitoring the absence of claims from government agencies
  • Calculation of all required taxes.
  • Monitoring a safe level of tax burden (whether your tax burden conforms to tax office expectations).
  • Preparation and submission of financial and tax accounting forms to the tax office.
  • Preparation and submission of all “salary-related" statements to the tax office, the Pension Fund and the Social Insurance Fund.
  • Interaction with the tax authorities and extra-budgetary funds in the event of questions on your financial statements.
  • Regular monitoring of your tax payments to ensure no sums are outstanding.
  • Quarterly reconciliations with extra-budgetary funds.
  • Quick feedback from the tax authorities through an electronic submission system (even before you receive written requests from the tax authorities at the registered address).
​Protection of you as an employer
  • Payroll accounting and administration for your employees - monthly.
  • Calculation of vacation / sick pay - as needed.
  • Verbal advice on labor law - on an unrestricted basis.
  • Preparation and submission of all salary-related documentation to the Pension Fund and Social Insurance Fund.
  • Overseeing payments to employees and other persons reporting to you - as needed.
High-quality record keeping
  • 1C input and source document checks (acts, bills, payment instructions) - upon receipt of documents.
  • Record keeping in 1C for future reporting.
  • Internal audit (our own quality control of record keeping) - quarterly, on the basis of report delivery.
  • Connection to the electronic report submission systems of the tax authorities and extra-budgetary funds.
Assisting your business
  • Availability of a remote connection and free use of our 1C software products: Accountancy 8.2 and 1C: Salary and personnel management.
  • Verbal consultations with our experts on taxation, accounting and business in general - on an unrestricted basis.
  • Recommendations on the optimization of your upcoming tax liabilities - before the submission of any statement.
  • Development of safe methods to reduce the tax burden of your company - as needed.
  • Analysis of your contracts and other documents for tax risks.
  • Monitoring of payment of suppliers' invoices within the timeframe established by contracts or specified on invoices accepted for payment.

3 important criteria

for selecting an outsourcing company
  • 1

    Independence from the human factor

    Accountants, like all normal people, occasionally get sick, go on vacation, and from time to time change jobs.

    The key value for an outsourcing company is continuity of service to its customers, regardless of objective and subjective factors. In other words, we have a transparent mechanism ensuring both consistency and the interchangeability of specialists.

    If one accountant is replaced by another, the client should not notice much of a difference.

Please note

We have a well-developed and standardized scheme of transfer of cases from one accountant to another.

In the company information system, all of our clients' orders, requests, questions are recorded. We can find past correspondence with the client from any date and any year, which enables even a new professional to quickly gain an insight into the situation.

We recruit employees of roughly one identical level defined by rigid standardized requirements; this allows for a smooth replacement.

  • 2

    Proven material accountability

    It's only those who do nothing that make no mistakes. Even an ideal mechanism may fail. For such cases, voluntary professional liability insurance is taken out. The vast majority of accounting firms tell you about the existence of such a policy and the prospect of compensation in case of a professional error.

    But you should not take such statements at face value; instead, you should make sure that

    • the insurance policy is really available (with information on it available from sources other than the website) and that its term has not expired;
    • the policy presented is not a fiction (a good policy with good insurance coverage is quite expensive, and many companies buy inexpensive insurance that is of little practical use);
    • the company, under said policy, actually compensates any losses to its clients.
Please note

Our professional liability is insured to the amount of 30 million rubles, by one of Russia's largest insurance companies.

We have an exclusive insurance contract, which had been being developed for several months by our experts in conjunction with the insurance company underwriters (and almost all of our terms and conditions were accepted by the insurer).

Several times, we have had to indemnify our customers, and each time we have received a full reimbursement (i. e. our policy really works).

  • 3

    Availability of IT infrastructure

    It is difficult to imagine modern accountancy without a high degree of automation. Even reporting is already submitted through electronic means.

    Naturally, someone has to keep an eye on the uninterrupted operation of computers, accounting software, access to the Internet.

    Moreover, it is important to ensure the safety of all data stored in the client accounting databases. This is a huge amount of information, so as a result, an accounting firm should have its own reliable server hardware, which should be serviced by qualified professionals.

Please note

Our server equipment is located 15 minutes from our office, in the safe DATA Center, equipped according to with «Tier3» international standards. Our IT engineers have 24/7 access to DATA Center.

The equipment is connected to the Internet via high-bandwidth channels.

The backup of all user data and our customers' 1C database is performed on a daily basis. Backups are stored in a separate room on separate equipment.

During remote work with 1C software, data is exchanged using mandatory RDP protocol encryption.