PETKUS Technologie GmbH, founded in 1852, is the world's first manufacturer of mechanical seed cleaning technology. Today the company is one of the leading suppliers of equipment for grain storage and processing and seed preparation. The main field of the company is the production of technological equipment, as well as ready to work complete lines and factories with all the necessary components of the technological process of processing grain and seeds, storage and transportation under the control of automatic control systems. Inspiration, excellence in engineering, and a passion for what we do unite our employees around the world.

WiseAdvice Services:

  • a full range of accounting services
  • wages management (wages calculation and other benefits, holidays, off days, business trips, compensations, sick leave payments, etc)
  • calculation of payroll taxes and contributions
  • preparation of payroll report to the IFTS and funds
  • input into the accounting database of primary documents provided by the customer as a scan or on paper

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Throughout the entire period of cooperation, there were no claims to our legal entity from the tax and other state authorities in terms of provided reports and paid taxes. We believe this confirms that qualified and professional employees are works to the company, who know their job and do it good.

General Director of “PETKUS Russland” LLC
M.V. Mishchenko
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