Representative or Branch Office Registration in Russia

Start your business in Russia with 1C-WiseAdvice. Our team knows all the challenges, has already established over 1000 companies, representative or branches offices foreign companies in Russia and is your perfect partner to enter the market.

We have been providing for many years accounting and other services to many of the companies we registered in Russia.

Selecting the right legal format for you in Russia

As a foreign investor, planning to enter the Russian market you have three principle choices.

  • Full legally independent entity – Limited Liability Company
  • Branch Office in Russia of your international company
  • Representative Office in Russia of your international company

Especially, if you first like to explore a bit the Russian market place, do not plan to import and sell your own goods the Branch or Representative Office can be attractive legal formats for you.

More you can read here about these three forms of operation in Russia.

And we are always happy to discuss in detail which format of presence fits best to you.

Main differences of a Branch / Representation office compared to a LLC

  • Main difference is legally speaking that a Branch or a Representation Office is not an independent stand alone legal. It is attached to the mother company.
  • Operational it is easier on some types of visas for foreign employees (if they are temporary in Russia or act from abroad as head of the office) and easier on transfers of funds.
  • If you plan not direct sales in Russia then the Representation Office is most applicable, if you plan some commercial activity then you should review if a Branch Office can fill your needs or a LLC is needed.

Also please be aware that there are higher state fees for these types of registrations compared to a standard LLC.

Important to understand though is that you can not change after registration the legal format of the entity. Instead you have to register a new entity and liquidate the registered one.

Why to select 1C-WiseAdvice for your Branch or Representation Office Registration

Our services include

  • Advising on the choice of legal form (LLC, Branch / Representative Office)
  • Advising on the preparation of the documents in your home country
  • Advising on the selection of the tax system in Russia (if you select a LLC and have the choice)
  • Translation of all necessary documents into Russian by certified translators
  • Creation of all documents for the registration in Russia
  • Joint visit to a notary in Moscow with a certified translator if necessary
  • Coordination of founding with the tax authority, statistics office and registration with pension and other bodies
  • Creation of charter of the company
  • Creation of the company stamp
  • Assistance with an opening a bank account
  • Receiving of various documents from the state authorities in order to establish a new business
  • ... and many more small but important points ...

Just everything which is needed for a successful registration.

Additional services in the context of a Branch or Representative Office registration

  • Providing of a legal address
  • Assistance in obtaining visa and work permits
  • Preparing the employment contract for the General Director and other employees
  • And many additional relevant services

We will advise you in a conversation by phone or in person.

Registration of a Branch or Representative Office

Consultation of our lawyers
  • Consultation of our lawyers
  • Collection of necessary documents
  • Certification of documents by a notary
  • Registration of a representation or branch

Your actions:

  • Apply to our company
  • Meet with our specialists in Moscow or talk through the whole process by phone

Our actions:

  • Consultation about the procedure, its cost, and necessary documentation

Your actions:

  • Collect documents about the foreign company and send their scanned copies to our lawyers
  • You need to do the apostille of all relevant documents
  • Sign foundation documents of an affiliate prepared by us

Our actions:

  • Review of all documents
  • Preparation of translation of these documents for the notary (if necessary)
  • Preparation of foundation documents of a new company

Your actions:

  • As a director of a foreign company registering a Branch or Representation Office you can come to Russia and go to the notary with us. As alternative we can also have a Power of Attorney from you and undertake all the steps without your direct collaboration.

Our actions:

  • Organize meeting with a notary
  • We accompany you to the notary and if necessary we invite a certified interpreter or have a power of attorney from you and do all the steps ourselves.
  • Support in payment of a state fee

Your actions:

  • Receive documents on a new representative or branch office

Our actions:

  • Submit and receive documents in the Interdistrict Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service, as well as Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, Social Insurance Fund, and Federal State Statistics Service and to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Deliver all documents of branch or representative office to you

What kind of documents do you need for the registration of a Branch or Representative Office?

1. What we have to request from the parent company
  • Articles of Association (Memorandum of Association) of the foreign company
  • Extract from the trade register of a country of origin of the foreign legal entity
  • Decision on appointment of the director of a foreign company
  • Certificate of state register of the foreign company
  • Certificate of the tax authority of a foreign state about registration of the foreign organization as a taxpayer in the country of company specifying the taxpayer's identification number
  • Letter of a foreign bank servicing the foreign legal entity with confirmation of its financial solvency
  • Certification from the tax authority of the foreign state on the registration
  • Copy of passport of the director of a foreign company and its address of residence in a foreign state
2. What needs to be indicated for the new branch or representation office
  • Types of company's activity
3. What we prepare
  • Application on registration of Branch or Representative Office in Russia
  • Foundation documents the Branch or Representative Office
  • Power of attorney to the authorized person for carrying out of activities related to registration of the Branch or Representative Office
4. What the new company receives as a result of the registration
  • Articles of Association of the company
  • PSRN Certificate
  • TIN Certificate
  • Record sheet from the USRLE
  • Extract from the USRLE
  • Notice of registration as an insured with the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation
  • Notice of registration as an insured with the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation
  • Information letter of the Chief Interregional Center of the Federal State Statistics Service
  • Decisions (or Minutes)
  • Orders
  • Seal
  • If you are planning to work under the simplified tax system, we provide you with Notice of the Interdistrict Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service about application of the simplified tax system
  • Bank account
  • Codes of statistics
5. Certification of the documents
  • Remember that all foreign documents should be duly apostilled (or consular legalization), translated into Russian and certified by a notary.

Be aware that foreign documents must be apostilled in the required form or should have a note of consular certification. In addition, a translation into Russian and a certification by a local notary is required.

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