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In which of the following situations are you?
  • I am looking for general information about Accounting Outsourcing in Russia
  • My company has an internal accounting team, but we are considering outsourcing accounting
  • Accounting is already with an external provider

Six vital reason

to consider Accounting Outsourcing with 1C-WiseAdvice
  • 1

    We are 1C

    Yes, we are a 1C majority owned company, 1C is the provider of standard software for accounting in Russia and the CIS. Our ownership structure gives us a simplified access to the latest software, gets us access to key information and key people right away and has other relevant advantages for you. We are part of the accounting standard setting software company in Russia.

  • 2

    We grow very fast

    Our average annual growth rate was 43% per year, since 2012. We achieved that by investing in people and systems, offering fair tariffs and by having a customer centric work attitude. In any competitive industry, and accounting outsourcing is very competitive, the market always decides in the end. And the market confirms that 1C-WiseAdvice is doing a lot very right for its clients.

  • 3

    Our affordable tariffs

    Be surprised about our combination of affordability and professionalism. Constant cost optimization, minimal overhead, integration of our service centers in the regions with the main offices in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, and a highly automated system allow us to pass on the cost savings to you. The tariffs are volume based and highly transparent. And consultations are free with us. We will gladly prepare a very competitive offer for you.

  • 4

    Flexible service formats

    We are flexible and provide only the services you really need and ask for. We offer you a full set of services and you choose what you really need. And we are not a company that will talk you into services you do not need or scare you with some horror stories to buy services which are not relevant. And all tariffs are volume-dependent and not hourly based. And best consultations are free.

  • 5

    Our team speaks and writes your language, we assure you of a good and fluent communication

    Our employees speak your language. Your personal assistant can speak Russian and English and we can even offer some more languages such as German or Turkish. In the daily work processes all your requests are documented and entered into our CRM system. Nothing is ever lost. And our accountants have years of experience in working with international clients and understand their needs.

  • 6

    Our IT Systems and our work processes

    Our IT systems are years ahead of our competitors. We scan all primary documents and work then based on scans. Deadlines are automatically controlled. Bookings are controlled using the four-eye principle and automatic (and patented) software to automatically detect issues. We have for follow ups an internal audit team. Invoices are created automatically in our integrated billing system that directly links to our services platform. Reports are submitted electronically. Databases are double and triple secured and always up to date.

Contact us and we can discuss how we can best fulfil your needs

6 vital reasons to contact 1C-WiseAdvice

  • 1

    Outsourcing of accounting and payroll

    1C-WiseAdvice can take over the accounting function on short notice. By outsourcing, you can reduce costs and get better quality due to the high level of specialization and experience of 1C-WiseAdvice employees. Outsourcing gives you more flexibility if the accounting workloads are fluctuation and if you need some very specialized services.

  • 2

    1C-WiseAdvice can complement you there, where it is needed

    We can selectively complement your accounting team where there is a lack of resources or missing know how. E.g. we can create your monthly management reports, the assumption of the role of the chief accountant, take over the payroll calculation function, run your treasury function, work on accounts receivable or any other accounting area. We help you there where it matters to you.

  • 3

    Legal optimization of tax loads

    We are happy to advise you on how in compliance with the laws you can manage your tax burden. The Russian legislation offers many possibilities of optimization and we have the know how to apply these possibilities in your favor.

  • 4

    Optimizing your Accounting operations

    As one of the most successful accounting outsourcing companies in Russia, we know what an efficient organization is. We have the experience to optimize accounting processes in many companies in Russia and would like to show you how to cut costs and increase quality at the same time.

  • 5

    1C Consulting

    We are part of 1C. Within the WiseAdvice group we have a large number of 1C specialists. For many Russian and international clients, we carried out projects in which the 1C platform was optimized or finetuned. Talk to us to find out what is possible.

  • 6

    Recovery of your accounting records

    Well, unfortunately sometimes it goes totally wrong. If your accounting records have to be completely rebuilt, we will gladly advise you on what needs to be done and the best balance between costs and risks.

Please contact us and lets discuss how we can support you in the accounting area

Accounting is already with external provider

  • 1

    Competitive comparison offer from 1C-WiseAdvice

    1C-WiseAdvice can prepare for you on a short notice a comparison offer. All we need is a some basic information from you or your 1C database. With the comparison offer you can immediately see how much you can save. On experience, the cost savings can be up to 50% compared to our international competitors in Russia. Let yourself be pleasantly surprised. And you how much we already saved companies like yours who “used” our offers just to renegotiate with their current providers. Not that this is the objective, but we like to get in contact with you and one day you will turn to us in earnest to experience our superior services at very competitive rates.

  • 2

    Quality of the process at 1C-WiseAdvice

    Customers are extremely satisfied with 1C-WiseAdvice not only because of the affordable rates, but also because of our work processes. Constant control, process orientation and quality are the core of our customer philosophy. Let us discuss this in a personal conversation.

  • 3

    We are in our core – and Accounting Outsourcing company

    A large number of our competitors offer many different services which have little to do with accounting. For them accounting is one amongst many services and often not the most important one. Banks, law firms and others. And they constantly try to sell you the other services that they offer. And over time you really feel in your cooperation that they really do not focus on accounting. Not with us. Our core business is accounting outsourcing and we are proud of it.

  • 4

    We are 1C

    Yes, we are a 1C majority owned company, 1C is the provider of standard software for accounting in Russia and the CIS. Our ownership structure gives us a simplified access to the latest software, gets us access to key information and key people right away and has other relevant advantages. We are part of the accounting standard setting software company in Russia. What else to say. Trust the standard.

  • 5

    Russian Accounting know how and substantial International Experience

    Our clients are pure Russian companies as well as many international companies. Small ones to big ones. From our experiences with Russian companies there is a deep knowhow that we can transfer to international companies active in Russia in different areas. This gives us a much broader view of accounting and tax relevant questions than our purely international focused competitors can have.

  • 6

    Transparency, communication and trust

    Our contracts and billing formats are highly transparent. Everything is regulated and clearly communicated. Our contact persons speak German, English and Russian and the communication is clearly documented in our CRM systems. And we are so convinced of the quality of service we provide that we have accounting outsourcing contacts with only one month termination period. How else can we show you that we believe in our services.

Contact 1C-WiseAdvice and let’s discuss how we can support you to have a more cost efficient and professional accounting outsourcing.

What is included in the Service Package - Accounting

  • Your personal assistant who speaks and writes your language and ensures that all your requests are processed immediately within 1C-WiseAdvice
  • A centralized email address for your company, so that all inquiries can always be processed quickly, relevant staff receives it and all is documented
  • Standardized CRM system where all communication is documented

Processing of primary documents professionally, online, technically years ahead of our competitors

  • All your primary documents are checked, scanned and entered into the accounting software
  • Four eyes control principle when entering and managing records in the 1C database
  • Qualified automated feedback on any issues with the primary documents is documented
  • Standardized information support: which documents are insufficient, missing etc

Consultation and preparation of tax reports by a qualified team of chief accountants

  • Preparation of all tax reports
  • Coordination before the submission of the report
  • Advice on all tax issues
  • Advice on options to optimize taxes

Additional services that you can order additionally on top of the standard accounting services:

  • All banking work, including currency control
  • Preparation of invoices, files and other documents from the sales process
  • Preparation of understandable and readable monthly corporate reports in your format
  • Online access to 1C software
  • Payroll and salary calculation services
  • Human Resources Administration services
  • Legal services
  • ... and much more that makes working in Russia easier

Other offers for international customers

by 1C WiseAdvice

We love Accounting and can also provide many other qualified consulting services additionally for you.

Richtig rechnen
  • Tax Services
  • Legal Services
  • WiseAdvice Group
  • We are happy to give an advice on taxation and on how to manage your taxes.
  • We can represent your interest in the tax authorities or in court
  • We can audit your tax records for risk items
  • We also offer a full range of legal services as a full-service provider.
  • 1C-WiseAdvice offers registration services for LLC, representative offices and other.
  • We can support with legal address issue or support the transfer of addresses
  • We can cover all advisory services related to the role of the General Director
  • We can advise and represent you in court, e.g. related to labor law issues
  • More than ten other companies belong to the WiseAdvice Consulting Group. More than 300 additional employees can support you with various consulting services.
  • We offer audit services, Russian and international standards
  • We have a large team in our 1C-Franchise company that can optimize and assist in setting up and finetuning a 1C platform
  • One of our companies is the market leader in patent services in Russia

Outsourcing; Benefits

Working with 1С-WiseAdvice

Risk minimization and quality increase

Access to a high number of very qualified specialists
  • Our contract protects you, we are liable for mistakes we make
  • Services are provided year around, whether it is vacation time, someone is sick or for any other reason
  • As a company we assume financial responsibility, we are insured
  • Up to date, automatically updated, licensed 1C and other software
Cost transparency and cost reduction
  • Costs are shown clearly and transparently
  • No hidden costs
  • All fees volume based, thus only actual work will be paid
  • Cost reduction by lowering your indirect cost compared to inhouse services (rent, software updates, IT support, staff search etc.)
Qualitative all-round support
  • We offer qualified services in all areas of accounting, taxation, payroll and HR Administration.
  • We look beyond the box, know with our big client base what the tax authorities focus on and share that know how in our cooperation
  • We can do more than just accounting but provide you access to a wide set of specialists