Optimization of taxation

Most often the optimization of taxation is a compulsory measure for retaining a business, loss prevention and improving competitiveness.

But the question is

  • How exactly can taxes be minimized?
  • Which risks will the business and its founders face?

Tax optimization has no strict rules or restrictions. The reduction of taxes can be achieved by various methods and some people choose aggressive patterns, not being afraid of taking high risks. Still, most clients are interested in secure and practical tax optimization, that can be put into practice and defended before the tax authorities.

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Portfolio of projects on tax planning

Our principles of tax planning

  • 1


    The decrease of taxes shall be reasonable and proportional to the risks taken. Risks of tax or criminal liability must be minimized.

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    The solution suggested with regard to tax minimization should be easily implemented and simple to operate, as well as corresponding to the level of business development, its human and financial resources.

  • 3


    The means of reducing taxes must be legal, economically justified, not conflicted and documented so that in the event of inspection there is an opportunity to defend the tax scheme without using alternative methods of claim settlement.

How is the work organized?

  1. 1. Meeting

    At the first meeting we get to know you, your business, tasks and objectives, capabilities and limitations that have to be regarded in the course of the project on tax planning (tax optimization).

    Immediately in the meeting we will name the possible ways of minimizing taxes suitable for your case and discuss all the questions you are worried about or interested in, plan terms, further work and give you a price range.

    The meeting is absolutely free.

  2. 2. Analysis of business structure and financial indicators

    Thereupon we will study the business itself and the business process within it, and only after this will we design a possible infrastructure under which the tax optimization will be carried out.

  3. 3. Development of tax planning model

    The main result is a tax optimization scheme, specially designed for your business and with due regard to the peculiarities of its legal structure.

    You will gain access to the various practical tools of tax optimization from the standard and primitive to the most subtle, complicated and expensive ones. It’s up to you to decide!

  4. 4. Implementation

    The most important task is to put into practice, implement and, in the future, provide support for the tax scheme applied, its monitoring and the adaptation of any given indicators. Tax optimization should have particular measurable results.


We maintain strict standards on the information security of our clients.

Each employee signs a separate non-disclosure agreement. When lawyers are engaged in projects on tax optimization, all disclosures are covered by Attorney-client privilege article 8 of Federal Law “On the activities of lawyers and the legal profession in the Russian Federation”.

Why are we full of optimism in every new project?

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We are from ‘a living’ business

Projects on tax optimization are elaborated in direct cooperation with the co-founders of our company: on the one hand they are profound experts in taxes and on the other they understand very well the business structures, the essence of business processes and their interrelation with the future model of taxation and accounting.

In other words we employ broader thinking than usual lawyers or tax consultants (having no experience of running their own business). For this reason we suggest solutions that really work.

The team working on the project consists of various specialized professionals

Tax planning is a creative work. As the expression goes ‘they don’t teach you that at school’. The common problem in work with tax consultants is the impracticality of the suggested tools for tax optimization (it is difficult to implement and maintain such schemes in reality). Another problem is that the price of such solutions is so high that you have to increase inner expenditures and expand your accounting department so that it can do the accounting for new legal persons and the participants of the tax scheme. Therefore, the designed schemes do not function or miss some practical bookkeeping or accounting issues.

To work out practical ways and methods of decreasing (optimization) taxes, experience of work in the tax authorities is needed, as well as knowledge of judicial practice, a deep understanding of business, its economic interrelations, the practical peculiarities of the maintenance of accounting records and taxation. We possess all these competences to suggest the best solution on tax planning for your business. When defining individual tax schemes on the minimization of taxes we involve various specialized professionals: tax lawyers, tax consultants, auditors, chief accountants-experts.

We know FTSI from the inside

Our specialists spent years in leading roles in the tax authorities, and this helps us to see the situation from the point view of a taxman and to know to a dot what actions will be taken by the inspection to reveal the scheme of optimization of taxation and to contest it. We know how to use our knowledge and experience for your benefit. We understand what exactly the tax authorities will be looking for and how to formalize the relations with contractors so that tax a planning solution can be as secure and protected as possible.

We know judges and judicial practice well

We regularly defend the interests of our clients before the tax authorities and courts on different tax disputes generally related to the usage of tax optimization schemes. Therefore, we understand what evidence may be required and employ it in tax optimization. For judges it is important to see who is defending the interests of the parties, whether this specialist has encountered such issues before or is just ‘scratching the surface’. For our part we also know Moscow judges by name and the specifics of their conduct of the proceedings. Oftentimes such a subjective factor is of crucial importance in determining the outcome of a case. We are very proud of the fact that when dealing with controversial situations, judges often consider our opinion, and this has allowed us to contribute to the formation of positive judicial practice on various issues with regard to challenging in court the decisions of the tax authorities.

Why shouldn’t you handle tax optimization on your own?

  • 1

    Do not overestimate your employees

    We are sure that your employees have lots to do, as accounting and financial department are usually heavily engaged in their current work. Not only can an extra load affect the quality of their core work but, owing to the lack of time (and sometimes lack of required knowledge), your employees will be stressed by the necessity to solve non-core challenges and they will need professional support anyway.

    Tax optimization is a project task. It is impossible to create projects, requiring such detailed study and submergence in the topic, with unceasing maintenance of accounting and filing reporting. That’s why it is better to assign the project to a group of people for whom it will be their main activity.

  • 2

    What next: think ten steps ahead

    The tax inspectorate likes to pay attention to trifles, submit various requests, counter inspections, questioning, etc. in order to detect a tax scheme and challenge it.

    The accountant can be easily confused and made to comply with the inspector’s advice, who in his turn pursues an objective to include additional tax charges.

    There have been many occasions when we, having a deep understanding of law and practical concerns, have kept our clients from the fulfillment of immaterial or even illegal claims of the tax authorities thereby saving their time and money.

Why should you let us handle optimization?

Сотрудник компании в процессе работы со смартфоном с сенсорным экраном
We square the proposed solutions with the difficulty of maintaining accounting

We always engage professional accountants-experts in projects on tax planning. Our professionals on the optimization of accounting analyze the proposed solution in terms of document flow, difficulties in the preparation of financial statements and tax returns and the correspondence of the tax burden to the expectations of FTIS, etc.

It is important for us that the project should be neat and plain so that you do not have to raise accounting for no reason.

We proceed from the amount involved

We are persuaded that cost of the design of a tax optimization scheme, its implementation and maintenance (including accounting support) of business infrastructure, providing minimization of taxes, must be justified.

We are ready to defend our solutions

We are so confident in our abilities that it would be an honor to defend our tax scheme before founders, investors, tax authorities and courts.

By the way, one of the directions of our business is the defense of our clients’ interest with regard to various tax disputes. Due to our long-standing practice we know inside out which details should be paid attention to in the optimization of taxes to reduce the possible risks.

We create - we put it into practice

The practice proves that the best solution on the optimization of accounting and taxes remains on paper if its implementation is assigned to the accounting staff or to outsourcers.

People tend to sabotage any changes, back down from the challenges of implementation (everything is new to them) and they are not motivated for change (as they have worked without it before).

As a result accounting staff return to convenient and familiar ways of functioning (to the disadvantage of the tax interests of the company).

But we, as ideologists of optimization, are ready to carry out the project ‘turn-key’ ready with our own efforts: to provide the service, maintenance and updates of the suggested scheme with regard to changes in business, legislation, policy, etc.

Why do clients share our optimism?

  • Our tax advisors have successfully implemented over 300 projects.
    We provide accounting outsourcing services, successfully servicing and maintaining the introduced solutions.
  • We are ranked among the top 40 consulting companies in Russia
    We are members of the Russian Chamber of Tax Consultants
  • Over ten years of work we have saved our clients 7 billion roubles of taxes
    Membership in the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia
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